Language in lease agreement

Hi, I was just going over my lease agreement and I see something I do not understand..On the township 153 , range 97,and then under sections 6-7-18 is listed a lot# along with the acreage. But on sections 1 and 12, township 153, range 98, there are no lots listed, just S/2SE/4, this is on section 1--on section 12 listed is NW/4NE/4, W/2, also no acreage listed.

I would appreciate any help you all may give me--thanks Ardis

Ardis, section 6 evidently has a lot added to it and it is not a standard 640 acre section. Section 12 not being on the north or west side of the township IS probably a standard 640 acre section. If surveyers had to make a correction( add lots ) they did it on the north and west sides of the township. I hope this makes things more clear for you.

Thank you, I do understand it more now-I have never understood lots, just sections and townships. Again thank you--Ardis


When you paste a square stamp on a round ball, you will get a wrinkle in the stamp. Our square land designation system imposed on our round globe makes for "wrinkles" or the need for corrections. So, when a quarter quarter section is not exactly a 4o acre square, due to a correction along the north or west edge of a section, it is deemed a "lot". Sometimes the lot is more than 40 acres and sometimes it is less. At big correction locations near principle meridian lines, sections can be very small slivers or non-existent. Government maps can give you the exact dimensions of a lot. Some Geometry and the knowledge that there are 43560 square feet per acre will allow you to confirm the acreage. Hope that helps.

yes, this does help. I noticed 8 lots on my 2 sections, 6 and 7. The lots were only on the one side the north and west sides. Part of the sections are under water, also the terraine is very rough here. I am much smarter now, thanks to you and Kennedy on lots. Great help! ARDIS