Landman or Title Runner needed for Kingfisher County

I am looking for a recommendation for a landman or a title runner for Kingfisher County Oklahoma. I need to get a copy of an older deed. I have the name and the Section-Township-Range for the document. However, the deed is from the 1930s, so is not available on okcountyrecords. I’m also open to hiring someone who lives in the local area who knows how to look through the records to find an old deed. Thanks for any recommendations!

Call Dylan Morgan with Husky Productions. He’s always treated us well.

YOu might try the abstract company in Kingfisher. They may secure the deed for a minimal fee.


The attorney we used several years ago, had a gentleman named Troy Hersch of AAA Land Records of Oklahoma do title/deed research needed for our situation in Kingfisher. I just looked online and they are in Enid, OK. I didn’t deal with him directly, so I can’t tell you anything about him.


Tim - Thank you so much for this advice. I called Solomon Abstract Company in Kingfisher and had the deed I needed in my inbox within 5 minutes. Technology and kind people at local businesses are both amazing. - Maureen

If you have the book and page, you might call the county clerk’s office. 405.375.3887

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Possibly contact a local abstract or title company in that County Seat. Be sure to get a price and how long it will take to get an answer from them. It should not be much. Get them to provide you with a Certified Copy.

Abstract companies in Oklahoma can’t provide certified copies. Only the County Clerk’s can do that.

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