Landman, Lawyer, or Title Company to Research Records?

Hello, just joined.
Myself and four other relatives own mineral rights to 330 acres in Sandoval County, not too far from Regina. The ownership is not in question. HOWEVER, the records showing ownership need to be updated. The land was leased in 1988 to an oil company, but the records haven't been updated since (that I know of). One of the original owners has passed away, and their partial ownership has passed to children - which is one of the reasons the records need updating. None of us live in New Mexico, so it's not practical for us to visit the county clerks office in Bernalillo, and it doesn't appear that Sandoval has mineral rights online.
Trying to search for a landman has turned out more difficult than I thought. I don't know where to search for a landman who is close to Sandoval and doesn't work only for oil companies.
The other options (Title Company or Lawyer) sound prohibitively more expensive.

Can anyone recommend a landman?

Regards, Terry