Landman for estate evaluation.

I’m looking for a landman to perform an evaluation of my families O&G mineral rights in Oklahoma. We own in 10 counties with the largest percentage in Grady, Garvin, McClain, Stephens and Caddo county. I am not looking to sell anything. I need an independent evaluation that will meet the IRS rules. I am not looking for a full blown geological evaluation. Nor do I need someone to track and handle my families activities. Thank you in advance for your recommendations.


Any good Certified Mineral Manager qualifies. I used Darla Ragland for a tract in McClain County. She resides in Garvin County.

Her phone is 405-238-0116


I've been using Ryan Story in Oklahoma to research our mineral rights. He can be contacted through this forum in the pull down menu under "landman"

Terry, our company can likely perform the evaluation for you. Are you just needing to verify the extent of ownership? Or are you trying to determine the basis for each area of ownership for tax purposes? The latter will require more than your average landman.