Landman around Midland TX

Can anyone recommend a good landman around Midland Tx? Grandfather bought mineral rights in the 60’s and we need to find deeds and change of title.

You can do online deed searches using Texasfile by county. Many counties have kofile or other deed system. Ward County new system is not user friendly, but other counties are good. You will be charged $1 per page to download. This will let you search your grandfather’s name as grantee (acquisition) and as grantor (in event he sold).


Is your grandfather still living?

Unfortunately, my grandfather passed away in the mid 1970s.

I don’t know if you know how much a landman in that area charges? Around 500 a day plus hotel and mileage also abstract office, I think I would hire a lawyer ! Just my opinion! Good luck

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I’m sorry for your loss. That bit of information changes things. Do you know if title to the minerals was in his name individually, a trust or a business entity? Did he leave a will?

It sounds like his estate needs to be probated if these minerals weren’t in a trust or a business entity.

First thing I would do is I’d find out as much information as you can and then seek help from an Oil and Gas Attorney licensed in the state of Texas.

Thank you OEP. The minerals were put into a trust in his will.

To ensure I understand you correctly, you’re saying the minerals were in his name and once he passed away his will stated they were to go to his trust? Do I have that correct?

That is correct. The people in the trust were his wife, son and daughter.

If the minerals were are in the trust there is most likely a legal description. I think that if they were put in a trust it would have been done by him prior to his death. Unless his wife and children formed the trust after his death. Good Luck.

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An attorney charges what,$125.00 an hour on the cheaper side, plus hotel, mileage and abstract office, so roughly $1k a day vs $500? Neither are cheap options. Since the minerals were put into a trust, the legals are easy to find with a few clicks, if the document isnt available online, a call to the clerks office for them to mail you the document needed should provide you all the info thats needed.

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I actually had a similar situation. I use Robert Major as my landman for any work or deal negotiations. He worked in Midland for many many years now lives in Throckmorton, but is very well-connected in the oil business.

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