Land values in Reeves county


Im trying to find the value of a piece of land in Reeves county. It says 640.00acres more or less being all of section14,blockC-16,psl survey


PCore is active in that area, but well results haven’t been the best down in that part of the county. At 25% royalty I would think your minerals are worth no more than $15,000/NMA.


I’ve just discovered Mineral Insight, a website that may be helpful in confirming or negotiating market values. According to the Website, “We aim to provide the largest, most trusted and transparent marketplace for leasing and selling mineral rights. Mineral Insight compiles, analyzes, and presents all information necessary to find a true market value to lease or sell mineral interests.”


Is that to lease or sell the 15k?


To sell. Lease would be more like $3K/NMA in that part of the county (far, far southeast).


Hi there…where do you get your intel from? do you know for sure?


mineral insight says it was re-leased for 5500.00 per acre in Feb 2019…


I used a landman in Midland on my two leases in Ward County. His name is Doug Fergerson and his number is 432-684-4542. He is a very honest person. He can help you sell it or get it leased.


Pretty good site. I discovered this site about 4 months ago. Great for keeping up on current leasing and sell amounts, as well as who is leasing what and for how much.


Just got an email from a company telling me that there is a fault line running through my interests sec 14 block c18 Reeves co. That is why there is little activity anyone else get this?


Who did you get that info from? I recently got a new little well, 389-37270, in Section 26, BLK C8, right below you. It’s nothing to write home about thus far. But I was just curious where you got that info. I only have small interest in the southern half of that Section 26, Block C8…