Land Sale

I am considering selling my land/mineral rights (14 miles NW of Pecos).

Does anyone have any advice on how to determine the value of the property?

It is currently under lease.

How many acres do you have? I might be interested in purchasing the land. What are the legal description? What block, section, township?



I am definitely interested in your minerals. PM with the legals etc and I’ll get back to you with an offer. Nothing determines value like what somebody else is wiling to pay!

Will send info.

Does anybody have any sale price advice?

There are several wells permitted in that direction. Good completions will enhance your values, poor results the opposite, naturally.

Interesting times. All should be productive, based on my research.

Just hope it is "commercially" productive, if you know what i mean.

Have you made a deal yet to sell these minerals? If not, please let me know. I am an interested buyer.



No deal, yet.

Please call me or email me with the specifics: legal description; number of net mineral acres you are wanting to sell; terms of the existing lease; asking price; etc.



Brett H. Lewis

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I have had several solicitations recently from land companies. One was for $2300/acre for acreage in Reeves County.

I never had enough interest to follow up though.

Is your acreage in BLK 54, TWP 4?

Blk 55 T-5

I've had one offer that is a lot more in line with my perceived value of the property than the offer you received.

The initial offer that got me started was about 2000% too low. At the time even I knew that was too low. ;-)

I wish I had some better guidelines, but I'm taking my time.

Just wondering if you have sold your land as I have had an offer for my land in Reeves county. I have been offered $2000.00 an acre for it. If you havent sold your land I would suggest the land is valued in that neighborhood. Probably a lot more than that. Unless, you have to sell the land I would encourage you to keep it.

My land is Sec 8, block 55, township 4 anyone have any idea where this is at and is there any drilling in the area. Anyone my neighbor?


Your land is around 15 miles NW of Pecos. Looks like a couple of months ago Devon permitted two Hz locations in the section to the SE (Sec 10). There are also permitted wells in Sec 24 3 sections to the SSW, along with several wells off to the WNW, but quite a few miles away.

I have also seen a few solicitations to purchase, the highest of which was $2,300/acre.

Hope this helps.

I do not have to sell but am seriously considering it if I get a proper offer.

I have had one offer @ about 3 times what you were offered.

I have heard a good rule of thumb is 3-4 times the lease bonus which would put my property in the $7,500-10,000/ac range (Sec. 10).

I can wait.

Yes, I threw it into the trash basket.

With everything that I have read and heard, it should all be productive to some extent.

At the same time $7-10K/acre seems pretty darned good.

My thoughts exactly.

The first offer was a bit under that so I'll wait and see.