Land Rights Family Inheritance

Just received information that my great grandmother was part owner (family inheritance) to over 200 acres of land in East Texas and I want to know where to start researching the family inheritance.

Sherry, you will need to go to the County Clerks Office of the County where the 200 acres is located. Take any information you have as to the exact location of the acreage/minerals(Abstract #, Section #, Block # and/or Survey name…also the folks at some of the County clerks offices are helpful and some or not. Good luck with your search.

What is the legal description of the property? Members here can chime in and provide insight as to what’s going on with your land.

Property ID’s: 22126 map id-42.49, 22157 map id-J11-42, 22124 map I’d-42- & 1985 map J11-42. Not sure if this is what I have

All are located in Linden Texas

Yes they are. Here is what I have.

Your parcel is highlighted in blue. Not much going on in terms of development. Do you intend to hire a landman, or do the research yourself?

It is being done already. Thanks