Land Records or mineral leases

I know my great grandparents have some property all around. I was wondering if there was A way to check for land records and unclaimed deeds for all the states

Hi Amber,

You will likely find that availability of title records varies greatly from state to state. For unclaimed property, check with the State Treasurer's office or the State Auditor's office for a database to search.

Here are a few title search websites I know of that might assist you in your search: for Texas records. You can run a search in the whole state for a small amount. has some records available in TN, AR, KY, NC, SC, and VA for North Dakota records for some PA counties

If you believe Arkansas or North Dakota may be one of the states in which your family members owned mineral rights, I would be happy to look into it for you. The company I work for offers free services like this to mineral owners. Feel free to give Mike a call at 501-827-1289. Good luck!

Is there anyway to search records by SSN

The only resource related to SSN that comes to mind is the Social Security Death Index. You can search the index on websites like or I think you, as a family member, could also request information from the Social Security Administration with the right credentials.