Land Ownership Issue

Hi All:New to posting here. Have been reading the forums for quite awhile, but could never log in. So now I think I am!! Thanks.
My problem is I recently found I own about 6 acres in Weld Co. Colorado. The land was quit claimed to my parents in about 1956. It was never sold. The Weld Co. Clerk has no record of my ownership, and the adjacent landowner has been grazing/farming part of it for all these years. I have never paid taxes on it. My parents Will granted me ownership of the land and all mineral interests. Whata mess! I suspect after all these years, no County ownership record, not paying taxes (no record of tax bill sent to me), that I have lost that land. Any advise would be appreciated. This land was leased to Berge Exploration in 1985. No activity occurred that I know of.Thank you.

The mineral should have been separated by deed in the beginning, if not they may be adverse possessed? I do not know the Colorado laws.

Not sure I understand. Like one deed for land and one deed for minerals? This tract was a ROW for my folks to access their farm, and also a ROW for the local irrigation district. When they sold their farm, the deed did not include the ROW tract that was quit claimed to them as an afterthought, soon after they bought their farm. Thank you.

Let me see if I got this right. Your parents owned a farm. They accessed it by crossing someone elses land. That person gave your parents a deed or a row? Then your parents sold the farm but tbe deed did not mention the right of way. Is this correct?

That is pretty close. The farm had access off the highway, but in order to irrigate it, they had to access a small tract (it was a row for irrigation dist, but was owned by the seller) that was not included in the original deed, hence the quit claim deed shortly thereafter. As far as I can tell, the subsequent owner(s) of that farm have been "trespassing" on that tract for about 60yrs even though I have a deed of ownership to it. This section (640ac) is almost surrounded by frac laterals and we have gotten several offers to sell our interests from Oil & Gas retained from the folks farm.