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Anyone else have any dealings with an outfit called Land Information Services out of OKC? Casillas outsourced the DO work on the Stella in 19-6N-4W to them and I am having a hard time getting a DO out of them (Stella first production was April 2018!) even after numerous phone calls. I am just about to the point of going straight to Casillas management and telling them how unhappy I am about this situation.

Hey Fred:

I totally understand your impatience. Hang in there as it will be forth coming. They are just way behind. If you title is “marketable” they owe you 12% on your month, effective 1st production, compounded yearly, which apparently they have reached that threshold.

I have been down this same road with them and last week got my check for interest in the amount of $600+ on another well. 12% is better than the money in your bank account, just saying.

Send them a letter stating the state statute that allows you 12% interest. You won’t get it if you don’t ask for it.

Todd M. Baker

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Hey, thanks for the reply, Todd. The title is definitely good. My wife and her sister owned the interests separately and then in June of 2018 they QCD’d both their shares into an LLC. They received individual DO’s six weeks ago, and we returned them unsigned and sent them the recorded transfer into the LLC and told them to just add the two interests together and send us a new DO. As of last week, and after multiple phone calls, I finally got them to admit that they received the documents we sent and would get it done. That was a week ago and still no new DO - my gosh it would only take them a few minutes to put the new information in the system and cut a new DO. I was in the business for thirty years and I understand that it can be a tedious process, but this is ridiculous. Should have just signed the individual DO’s.

I didn’t realize that they might not just automatically send the interest. Got a big check from Continental last year that was also way overdue and I didn’t even think about the interest at the time. Can I still go back now and demand the interest do you think? Thanks for the advice on sending the letter - it will go out to Casillas and Land Info Services tomorrow.

Do you know anything about production on the Stella 1-19-18 MXH? I can’t find anything on the OTC site after last October, but it started off pretty nicely.

Thanks again for the help

Fred Morris

If they are late, always ask for your interest!

Being in the business for thirty years you should know that “hand cut” royalty checks are used rarely, and most companies have a “check run” once a month. Internal company accounting controls make “hand cut” checks a pain in the arse for the DOAs.

I understand how checks are processed. It is a division order based on the decimal interest they approved months ago and further information they acknowledge they have had for six weeks that I would like to see so we could get on the automated check run one of these days.