land and mineral rights in Pennsylvania

I own 20.88 acres in Elizabeth twp.Pa with my ex husband... he has been paying the taxes on the property since our divorce with the agreement that I will pay him back when the property is sold... we own both property and all the under ground rights..someone has contacted me wanting to buy my half of the mineral rights .. what rights do I have and should I sell ? will it affect my top half of the property... ? thank you ..

thank you so much for your reply.. do you know if the person who is wanting the mineral rights if I sell to them will be allowed any rights to any of the property? thank you..

so in Texas if someone owned 10 acres of land the person with he mineral rights can come onto your property anytime and anywhere to put a well ..just asking so I can be sure what the rights are of each owner ... for in the future I would like to sell the property which at the moment has not houses or buildings on it.. thank you

thank you for all your info.. much appreciated God bless ..

Simple Sandy -

When you sell your mineral rights, if you retain or reserve the "rights of ingress and egress", the oil companies cannot come on to your land or use any of your surface for Drill Site Locations, Storage Facilities, roads, pipelines, anything, without your permission.

The owner of the minerals will have the right to lease, study, test, develop and produce the minerals, even to drill into it, but not from your surface.

I responded to your email from earlier today. What County is Elizabeth Township in?

Charles Emery Tooke III

Certified Professional Landman

Fort Worth, Texas

Hi Charles...thank you so much for responding is Allegheny county..Elizabeth Twp..Pittsburgh Pa. I was asked to sell my mineral rights but the person wanting to buy is a third party buyer... i am not sure what to do..