Lamkin Well Payor

We have interests in the Lamkin 1H and Lamkin 2 BH wells in Shelby County Texas. Since first production in 2011 until mid 2022 we have been paid by two payors. Then one payor, BPX (Aethon is the other payor and listed operator), stopped paying. I have hit a wall trying to figure out what company should be paying the1/2 royalties. Any help appreciated.

Send a certified letter return receipt to BPX and ask why they stopped paying. They may have turned their portion over to another owner. Also send a certified letter Aethon since they are the operator.

Thank you, that will be next if my emails don’t get the answers I’ve asked for. I’m hoping another royalty owner in that well who is a member here might see the post and have the answer for me.

I have an answer that currently AETHON os the pay or 100% of the two Lamkin wells.