Lafayette area drilling

has anyone seen or know of any preparation or drilling activity in the Lafayette area of Pleasants county WVA.

Is that the eastern part of the county, right up against Tyler County? That should be a good area. I haven't heard of drilling up there myself. Check the WV DEP Office of Oil and Gas web site. Also check the WV GES web site. Both have interactive maps. You'll have to mess around with them for a while, but it's well worth the time.

Was driving through the lower southwestern portion of Ohio on I71today when I passed a convoy of 12 to 15 FLATIRON DRILLING trucks with Colorado plates heading east. Do they operate in this area?

Re drilling in Lafayette District of Pleasants: The part in the southwest corner, next to Ritchie and Tyler, has some laterals of Noble / CNX wells going under it.

Look for permits 085-10071 thru 085-10073, and others near there. If they like what they find, they will probably want to drill in the area. They have a few in Tyler, not far away.

Antero approached me in Nov 2015 with a contract to sign, however I wanted the type of gas specified before signing. The land man said he would get back with me, hmmm must have lost my number. The tract was located in the Lafayette district of Pleasants county on the old Workman farm, so does anyone know if there is anymore interest in this area.