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Division order from bp Amoco on my section. Has anyone else got one of these or know if a new well has produced from the tiffany unit or around it?

Jesse check out the cogcc gis map page you will find your answer. There is a whole lot of Tiffany gas units in La Plata county. What township are you in ?

multiple sections and wells T33N-R6W; all ofsections1,7,18,19,20,21,28,29,30,31,32,33,34 AND THE W2 SECTION 27;T33N-r7w; ALL SECTIONS 13, 24 AND THE SECTION 12 AND THE E/2 SECTION OF 14 FRUITLAND COAL FROMATION

To answer your question about a new well close to the Tiffany unit there is now the Carpenter 32-6-3 #2 operated by Catamount Energy Partners LLC. Its a directional with 8 bore holes in the E-2 of Section 3 32N6W.

Reported production for the month of March 2016 184,720 MCF. The producing formation is the Fruitland coal

Samson finally sold off its Broome 33-7-30 #1 #2 #3 #4 wells to Red Willow. Red Willow sent me division orders for each of those four wells in February. However, I have yet to see any bank deposits or production reports. Probably it might take some time to clean up the mess left by the Samson idiots. I could not find a royalty owners section on their website. Does anyone have any information on these issues?

I have found Red Willow Production Company to be very responsive to royalty owners. In much contrast to Samson Resources. They don't have any website resources for royalty owners, yet. However if you get in contact with Melanie Perkins, in the accounting department, I am sure she will answer promptly when to expect your royalty payments. Teresa Offut,, who is the Senior Division Order Analyst responsible for all the Samson acquisitions will lay to rest any questions you may have.

I needed to only ask once for Melanie to set me back up with direct deposit payments and the next month, all was in place. Red Willow sends out the production reports in the mail, a few days after the royalty check is mailed or deposited. That is their current policy. It only took 2 production month cycles to completely turnover responsibility from Samson to Red Willow and set up my payments like I had previously with Samson Resources. I like the responsiveness of the contacts at Red Willow. A BIG improvement over Samson Resources. Just give them a shout at their company email addresses and I believe all your concerns will be laid to rest.