Kraken Oil & Gas

It seems that Kraken Oil & Gas has bought our lease from Continental Oil. Does anyone know anything about them? Are they active in Williams County?

I’ve emailed Alan white at kraken operating twice… first was introduction second was a request for drilling info… nice enough guy I think they keep their info amongst themselves… typical… continental did the same… checks don’t bounce ?

And yes both drilling rigs are in Williams county

I believe you are referring to the sale that happened last August:

It looks like the sale included 68,000 acres mostly in Williams county. It included some operating wells. When Kraken develops the acres not held by production already is anyone's guess. Where are your minerals located? I know at least some of the leased acres are located in 159N 99W.

The last drilling permits I see they opened are in 158N 99W sections 16-21, and 157N 99W sections 26-35.