Koch Industries Royalties

Hello All, This a bit of a shot in the dark. But there are some mineral rights in OK Unclaimed Property Division that I am trying to prove ownership on. All the information I have is as follows

Holder: Koch industries

Description: 6906132S 5W

Year: 1994

The Koch industries affiliate has gone out of business and there are no records, and I think the description on the form from Unclaimed property must have been input incorrectly. So I can not look it up with Stephens country. If this happens to ring a bell with anyone, would love to hear it. Otherwise I will have to let it go.


Jill Evarts

Jill , is there a Name attached to the property ?

I'd focus on being related to the Name and go from there. Hope this helps.

Oh, an Affidavit of Heirship might help.

Just an idea.

HI John, Thanks for the reply. I have an affidavit of heirship. The name on the mineral rights is W. Doland Garrison. My relative's name is: W. Dolan Garrison, so I suspect it is him, but can't seem to figure out how to determine this.

Thanks again,


Hi Jill, I also have some monies from Koch for Stephens County that are tied up in unclaimed properties in Texas. Apparently it was sent to Oklahoma unclaimed property and then Ok. sent it to Tx. That is because it was paid either directly to me as an heir at my address in Texas or paid to me as executrix of my father's estate at my Texas address but I never received the money. The problem is I can't find out which way it was paid. Nor can I come up with an executed copy of a division order to prove ownership. The estate was probated in Stephens County and the probate was closed in about 1985, so I am dealing with records that were over 30 years old. After retaining all those records for about 20 years, I thought there would be no reason to keep them longer and since there were dozens of file foxes full of paper, I burned most of it. So the State of Texas still has the money. I need to really work on that. I'm in Phoenix right now but when I get home I'll look and see what I can find. Maybe there is some information to help both of us. Where is your property located? We may be looking for the same locations and wells.

Hi Jill--can you clarify what it is that you can't seem to figure out? Is it your relationship to W. Dolan Garrison? Or, how to determine your approach to the State Treasury? If it is the latter, see this:

Download an Unclaimed Property Inquiry Form

Before you download an Unclaimed Property Inquiry Form, consider searching first for your name on our database. If you find your name, you can start a claim at that site and save time.

To conduct a search and start a claim, click here.

However, if you wish to download an Unclaimed Property Inquiry Form without conducting a search, click here.

Oklahoma State Treasurer Unclaimed Property Division 2300 N Lincoln Blvd, Room 217 Oklahoma City , OK 73105 (405) 521-4273

Office Hours: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Mon. – Fri. E-mail: Unclaimed@treasurer.ok.gov

I assume it is the latter since you have an affidavit of heirship???

Lots of issues indeed. The description on the OK Unclaimed Property form might have been input incorrectly or is incomplete? 6906132S 5W. Stephens county can not look up the location with this information. Their database does not go back to 1994 to look up my uncle by name. Koch Minerals is out of business and they have no documentation on the location of the minerals. The name with unclaimed property is W. Doland Garrison, and my uncle's name was W. Dolan Garrison. (Inputting error again?) So odds are good it was him. He was a geologist and owned lots of mineral rights, but how do I prove this? Lastly, all they will tell me at the Unclaimed property division is that it is over $100. So it could very well be $101 or it could be more.....

Seems like a losing battle here.

Thanks for any help.

Thank you!

I managed to get the section, township and Range from Unclaimed property division. I called Stephen's county town clerk and they will not help with out a map and page. She gave me the number of someone to call, who I guess goes in to the town clerk and looks it up, since I am in Massachusetts and town clerk will not look it up for me. Does anyone know if this is the only route?



Jill...I am just sending you what I copied from my email and maybe it will help you. You probably need to read the bottom email first and then the top.

I'm pasting in some info on how to contact Division Order, which is the department that handles the legal paperwork for royalty owners and operators.Assuming Plains is buying the crude from the lease, they will be able to help her.

Plains Marketing, L.P. Customer Service can be accessed via e-mail at customerservice@paalp.com, via telephone at 713-646-4460 or 1-800-772-7589, or via written correspondence at:
Plains Marketing, L.P.
Attn: Customer Service
333 Clay Street, Suite 1600
P.O. Box 4648
Houston, Texas 77210-4648
Here's the Plains Website that contains some answers to frequently asked questions.

Koch never went out of business. They are still very much in business, even though they sold a lot of their crude oil assets in 1999. If she is asking about a period of time in the far distant past, she can contact them at the address and phone below.

Koch Industries
P. O. Box 2256
Wichita, KS 67201

Hopefully she can get the answers she needs by emailing to the Plains address customerservice@paalp.com

Have a happy and prosperous New Year."

Hi Linda, I contacted the above number for Koch. They said the division no longer existed, everyone had left and there were no records. I'm not clear what Plains Marketing is. Did they buy the leases from Koch? My property is: Stephens Section 13 Township 2S Range 5W there is also the number 6906, not sure what that means. My minerals are very old as well. My uncle has been dead for almost 30 years, so I think we are in the same boat. Thanks for all the info!


It is possible for payments to be made by the purchaser or the operator. I believe in this case that Koch was a purchaser instead of an Operator. One of the clues we can use is locating the owner transfer records on the wells. Newer records are a bit easier. Older are a bit more difficult. This is done on a form 1073 through the OCC. I pulled some records and there were two that showed Koch was the purchaser when the operator transferred.

You can get to these same records here

Search location on 1302S05N . You can then sort by date and look at pre 2000 transfers on the 1073. There are at least two wells that show up. API 3513722600 and 3513706165
Drop the 35 (the Oklahoma state designation in the code) to search directly on the well API

3513706165 appears to be still producing.

Usually when it goes to the state, there is more detailed information tied to it. Unfortunately it is sometime difficult to get the info unless you have proven ownership to the point payment is made. But sometime you need the same data for clues to be able to research and get the documentation to prove it.

At the same time you run into issues where all they will give you is the above $100 routine as you stated above. I believe much of the information is limited due to fraud prevention. I have sometimes been able to get slightly more info in person, but only after they saw that I had some additional info.

County Clerk index records for 13-2S-5W would need to be searched. They are online from 1996 to the present. This is a line-by-line search in a few sets of books. You should be looking for transfers, leases and other documents with his name on it. You can order copies of the index itself. Depending on the amount of pages, I've paid from $50-$200 to get these.
Other than that, you’ll need to pay someone to physically go to the courthouse and search the records for his name. It should be a simple search if you are limiting it to 12 2S 5W. But each section has to be searched separately. There are about 5200 sections in Stephens County.

It is also very possible there is not a mineral rights ownership. It was very common for a Geologist to take an Override in a lease or well bore as payment (or partial payment) for work performed. So you may have an ORRI instead of an actual mineral interest. These die with the lease or the well they were assigned to.

If there is still current production on a well in the section, the purchaser would be Enterprise or Oklahoma Petroleum Allies, or American Petroleum Corp.

APC is the Purchaser on the McQueen well, 3513706165.

Rick Howell, what you just wrote is stellar. Very comprehensive. Thank you for that input!

Thank you! I will see what I can track down.

Sorry Jill..her information must have been old info. Looks like Rick gave you some very good stuff to help.

We discovered our families suppose to have some minerals in Section 25 Township 2S Range 5W. Would this be in that area?