Knowing if I should sell


I inherited the mineral rights to a ( bear with me I’m new to this and don’t really know what I’m saying ) Section 22 Township 10 North, Range 5 West then it says The Southeast Quarter (SE/4), the South Half of the Southwest Quarter (S/2 SW/4 ), the East Half of the Northeast Quarter of the Southwest Quarter ( E2 NE/4 SW/4 ) I only own 1/6 of this. When my folks had it they were receiving small checks every month like 20 an 25 dollars till it quit producing oil or gas I don’t know which I never asked them. So i have had it for bout 9 years now an nothing so now out of the blue someone calls me and wants to buy my part for 2500.00 which got me thinking something must be up. How do I find out whats going on or how much its worth ? I do remember my dad said years ago he got an offer of 14,000.00 but it was producing then. Thanks for any help.


You have a brand new set of horizontal wells that were just drilled last year. Have you gotten the Division Orders for them? McNeff 22-27-10-5 1XH and 2XH. If you just inherited, then slow down and get yourself in pay status. Do you have the probate documents? Roan Resources is the operator. You need to contact them and see what you need to do. They may be hunting for you. Most offers to buy are lowball in my experience. Do you need a contact address and phone for them?


No I do not…I truly would appreciate it…Thank You so very much.


ROAN RESOURCES, L.L.C. 14701 HERTZ QUAIL SPRINGS PARKWAY OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA 73134 Contact Name: CHARLES L. HELM Contact Phone: 405-232-9000. Ask for the Division Order analyst for that section, township and range. They can tell you what they require to get you into pay status.


If an Oklahoma probate, if needed, shouldn’t take long to complete.


I want to drive down there and get all this paper work straighten out where should I go first ? And would like to see where the wells / rigs are at.


Courthouse will be the place to straighten out paperwork, but you may need to contact the operator first before making a trip. If you are just curious where they are, then here is a map of Grady County. Grady County Map.pdf (434.4 KB)

The wells had a surface location in sec 22-10N-5W. You may only see the Christmas tree on the wells and the tanks now. Probably gated off for everyone’s protection.