Know Which Acreage/Wells Colgate Purchased From Oxy?

Does anyone perhaps have insight into what acreage/wells Colgate purchased from Oxy earlier this year in Reeves? Curious because my relative’s payments from Oxy had been gradually rising for several months this year, but this month fell off a cliff to almost nothing (they are over 1,000% less this month compared to last month). I know wells decline, but this can’t be that. Wondering if the properties are contained within Colgate’s purchase.

On the topic of payments: From other’s previous experience, when another oil company purchases assets where you’ve owned mineral interests, have you seen something like this where payments drop off from the previous company and are eventually show up from the new company?

Thanks in advance for any insight!

I suppose I should also ask: Did Colgate purchase all of Oxy’s acreage in Reeve’s County? I know Oxy held onto core Delaware assets, but not sure where those are located.

This should help: Loading Results...

If that direct link doesn’t work then go here: , click Advanced search and put Oxy as Grantor and Colgate as Grantee. You want to look at instrument #2021004619 It will have all the leases Colgate purchased. Or you can just type the instrument number in the quick search box as well


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