Know value of MR at Sec 17 15N-12W?

The non-profit where I work was given 20 acres mineral rights 3/16 in Section 17 15N-12W and we are trying to determine its value, both as what it should lease for and what it should sell for. Also whether it is a good time to sell or not, and if there are wells producing there or planned there...and if there are, how much is the production. We did have someone in Jan. 2017 wanting to buy at $15,000 per net mineral acre all or part of our interest, but we do not know the real value. Anyone have any answers to help us know if we should sell or hold? Or what the value of these mr are?

There is a producing well on that section drilled by Continental Resources, the Kenneth 1-17H. Since there is production your group will not be able to lease the property again. If your group is not receiving royalty checks then you may be held in suspense. I noticed there is a Goodwill Industries of Southern California listed on the pooling so you may have your royalties held for some curative reason.

The Kenneth 1-17 is an early well for the area, it doesn't appear to be that great of a well, but there will be more wells drilled at some point in the future.

If you are not in pay you can contact them and they should be able to help you get in pay, CLR: Division Orders or 405-774-5257.

Thank you, Ben. This is helpful.