Kjelstrup 44-24TFH File#21474

whitinghas a rig on SESE section 24. I have E 1/2 section 26 and all of section 34.

My questions are:

1) what is the TFH denotation, I know the H is horizontal and maybe the F might be federal, what would be the T

2)how can you get space when another company has a H well on it prior to you.

(interesting that the spacing for an H well is limited to Section 24) (look st file no 15579)

(maybe the spacing is for 15579, as whiting only spudded it 12/3/2011)



Joel, from prior posts I thought your interest was in T141N R104W. The well you noted above is in another township; T142N R103W.

The "TFH" designation indicates it will be drilled Horizonatally (the "H") into the Three Forks formation (the "TF"). Often you'll also see a well designated as a "MBH", which would be a horizontal well into the Middle Bakken formation.

As to spacing, it is possible someone can have existing spacing for one formation while a separate spacing could be done for another formation. As in there can be existing "Madison" spacing then later a spacing unit is created under the same property for the "Bakken" formation.

Joel, I have a 4 member family with minerals too...How have you guys decided to manage them? LLC or FLP or Trust or combination or....something I didn't mention?