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Hello All, i own numerous acres of mineral rights in different sections in Carter County,Pottowatomie County,Kiowa County,Seminole County and Eddy County,New Mexico. I believe surface acreage also. But not sure of exact acreage (Mineral or Surface). i inherited this from my father (Edward L. Carson) who got it from his mother (Opal D. Rexroat Carson), who got it from her father(U.T. Rexroat). I'm curious if I have any relatives in Oklahoma or wherever who may have a more exacting accounting of what I may own. i receive royaties on the producing leases. Im currently considering selling it but not if i dont know what i own. if anybody can help please let me know.

House Bill 2177 is being discussed in the Oklahoma House right now, and it impacts royalty owners. It's worth the time to read and listen to this.

Would someone explain to me what a "order-vacate" is when I see it on the OCC website.