Kiowa County lease

My husband and I just received an offer from McDonald for $150 per net mineral acre, 15% royalty, 5 yr primary term with a renew of 4 years. Our mineral right is located in the SW part of Kiowa County. We live in NE and not have had to deal with anything like this. What kind of drilling are they proposing in CO? What are other mineral right owners being offered? Is this a good offer or should we wait before signing a lease. We contacted a lawyer in Brush (robert chapin) last fall about other mineral right concerns and he was very helpful. Does anybody know anything else about him (good or bad). Does all mineral right owners and land owners have to sign a lease before an oil company can start to drill? Any other information about leasing would be helpful??


You might want to also post under the "Groups" section at the top of the page. Click on Groups and go to Colorado; then to Kiowa County. I think there is 30+ members on that site.