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Hello Group,

If you know anyone in Kiowa that wants to buys oils wells please call me.

620-546-4881 Miller lease 1,2,4 in Greensburg, ks. I'm from North Carolina but I have a house here and i'll be out here for a while so i can show you all equipment and financial details.



Has anyone in Kiowa Co. executed a lease lately? If so, what royalty and lease bonus? Term? Extension?

Franklin Resources, LLC.

Franklin Resources, LLC., a better independent oil and gas exploration company. Our current focus is within Kiowa County, Kansas, targeting the Mississippian Lime Formation. Franklin Resources, LLC. is simply a better independent oil and gas exploration company. Current focus is our project in Kiowa County, Kansas targeting the Mississippian Lime Formation. This project is the first 3 wells of many slated on this acreage. Our approximately 1,600 acres is being held by the production of two wells that had already been drilled by our operator, Plano Petroleum Corporation. This location has been cherry picked and we expect success. This is no "Wildcat" project, we have mapped out 3 of many proposed locations within an established oil field (deemed by the Kansas Geological Survey of the University of Kansas) in the Conklin Ranch Oil Field. After the anticipated success of this project, there's still room for additional well locations, so we're definitely excited. You will also notice, we structure our deals to be "Super Investor" friendly. We've been receiving great responses about that for sure. We at Franklin Resources, LLC. are certain that you will appreciate the value of this great opportunity. It's a great location (located within the heart of the Mississippian Lime Formation) and we have a highly reputable team that consists of many years of experience (specifically within Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas) and both our operator, Plano Petroleum Corporation (Ken Fletcher and W. James Emerson) and the geologist that has helped (Dr. Sal Mazzullo) have nothing but stellar reputations in the industry and in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas