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I have property in T19S R49W Kiowa Co., and have had offers to lease from McDonald Land and Diamond Energy.

Has anyone else had offers from other companies in or near Kiowa County?

Anyone know who their clients are or who the players are in this area?


I had and accepted an offer from Paschal Energy for my mineral acreage in Kiowa and Cheyenne Counties.


Do you mind me asking what the lease terms were for the one you did in Kiowa? How much acerage and what Township & Range?

I have 1,120 in T19S R49W. Currently my offers varied from $25-$75, 5yr & 5yr ext to 4 and 4, and 1/8 to 15% royalty.

I have a call into Paschal to see what they would offer. Thanks for that lead.

Dear N Case: My deal was for $50 per net mineral acre bonus with a 1/8 royalty on a 5 year lease with right to renew. I leased approx. 510 acres in sections all over Townships 16, 17, and 18 South, Ranges 48 and 49 West. I thought the landman did a good job. His name is Rhett Gore and he may be reached at either 662-255-6030 (phone) or

He was very courteous and accessible. Hope this helps.


Thank you Brooksye, that is good info and I will contact him.

Thanks Brooksye for your info. Does Rhett Gore work for Paschal Energy?

Yes. That’s right. He works for Paschal.

I talked with Rhett, very nice as you said, and he has a non-compete agreement with McDonald, so he could not make a lease offer to me. Just FYI for everyone.

That’s too bad. However, it’s good information to know and pass along.

What is going on in Bent County? My husband has been offered a lease.

Has anyone determined who Diamond Resources is leasing for?

While I am sure that Diamond Resources would lease for anyone if there was a dollar in it, I think they primarily lease for Continental Resources. If Continental is involved anywhere in your play, It would be a pretty safe bet Diamond was working for Continental, as both companies share some employees.

Well, while they still have not disclosed who they are leasing for, I did receive the bonus money today (hee haw) from Diamond after 60 banking days just as they said. We are headed the right direction for now.

My wife and I just returned from Eads, CO (Kiowa County Seat). The oil and gas leasing activity there is something to see. We purchased a back copy of a weekly newsletter which contained mineral rights which had been leased. It was almost 3 pages of names and locations. Penn Terra Energy Partners, Cholla Petroleum, Mull Drilling, Westphal Energy, McDonald Land Services and Diamond Resources were the companies who were listed as making 3 or 5 year leases on locations in Kiowa County. Several of them have offices in the town. The activity by these companies is the talk of the town. Pretty exciting time for all who have mineral rights in that area. What will come of it all? Only time will tell.

Is anyone in the community interested in the fact they will be hydro-fracking? I asked this question earlier, and can't find my original post. Is this a safe procedure for the surrounding communities?

For those locally in Kiowa County that might be interested . . .

Eads Business After Hours presents:

“Protecting your Rights in Oil and Gas Development”

by Jenna H. Keller, Esq. of Feldmann Nagel, LLC

Monday, January 23, 2012 at 6 p.m.

Plains Theatre on Maine St. in Eads

(between 13th and 14th Streets)

Refreshments will be served.

Sponsored by the Eads Chamber of Commerce, Crow Luther Cultural Events Center & Kiowa County Economic Development Foundation (KCEDF).

Will anyone be able to record Ms Keller's presentation and questions/answers for those of us who can't make it?

My wife and I plan to attend and record what we can. We will ask Ms Keller about those who can't attend and their access to her comments. Keep in touch. For those of you wondering, the lady in the photo is/was my 94 year old Aunt, not my wife. Aunt Thelma has passed on to her reward leaving us the mineral rights in Kiowa County as part of her inheritance.