Kingfisher sec 27-11N-5W activity


Kingfisher County Ok, Section 27, t15n, r5w, Does anyone know what is happening in this area? Thanks in advance. John



One gas well holds at least part of the section. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Roan Resources pick up the drilling. Some nearby are already planned.



Martha, can you tell me anything about the Short 1-23 MH well? Corp Comm says it has been making sales since August, but we haven’t even seen a completion report or division order.



The well has been on production since 8/14/18. It usually takes about five to six months to get the Division Order. The surface location is in 26-15N-5W. I did not see a completion order either. That particular operator seems slow to get out division orders in the wells that I know about. Good news is that you will get interest if your title is clear. There is some production listed on the OK Tax site. Gross Production



How does one know if the well on sec. 26 is draining minerals from under sec. 27, and if owners in sec 27 will benefit monetarily.? I suppose a person would have to take a “wait and see” stance and hope they will be honest and pay all that are due?



For the Short well, the surface location is at the very edge of section 26 and the perforations are all in section 23. In theory, you cannot drain 26 from 23 as there are no perforations and no frac in 26. Also, they mandate a buffer along the lease line so that no perforations will be close enough to the lease line to drain from the adjacent section.

Section 27 has to be perfed by a well in order to receive royalties.