Kingfisher - Offer to purchase mineral interests

HELP- I have received an offer to purchase my mineral interest in Section 24 18N 7W. The offer sent was $4000 per net acre. Is this a fair price? Any help/insight would be appreciated!

one strata or all?


Unfortunately, by deed recorded at 1753/199, it appears that you conveyed your minerals “Within the lateral boundaries of Kingfisher County, Oklahoma.” to JDT 2000, LP. The deed had the further language which stated" “Grantor herby conveys to Grantee all of the minerals, royalty and overriding royalty owned by Grantor in Kingfisher County, Oklahoma, without limitation.”

The successor to the interests of JDT 2000, LP in Section 24-18N-7W is Haymaker Holdings Company, LLC.

Whomever made you the offer should be directed to the aforementioned deed.