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Is there any activity in Kingfisher S17 18N 7W. Have 1 acre, leased ‘14 to Gastar Expl 3 years, not renewed. Also have few acres S17 16N 7W that may have had wells in 1980s but I don’t know whether they are active. Have not received checks in 20 years or more.


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John: Gastar did pool Section 17-18N-7W, but they never drilled the Andrews well for that section. They recently filed bankruptcy so don’t know what will happen there.

In Section 17-16N-7W, Newfield drilled & completed the Pearl #1H-17X well that is a multi-section unit with Section 20. They were granted an increased density in December 2018 to drill 7 more wells. You should be receiving royalty off this unit.

Hope this helps.

Todd M. Baker



Thanks for info. We own interest in S20 15N 7W, leased to Newfield and currently receiving royalty, read where Newfield drilling more wells. Have not received any information on holdings in S17 16N 7W from Newfield. This property was under my fathers name, John W Cram, and in 1987 Anson Oil & transportation drilled a well. We have not received any royalty from this property in over 20 years. How do I go about checking out this unit. John Cram D&J Minerals



You might want to check out the 17-16N-7W. Newfield drilled a horizontal well there in 2015. Is that the right legal? I don’t see any well by Anson, only Chesapeake. Don’t see any Cram on the listing of respondents.

I see a John F Cram /D&J Minerals on the 20-15N-7W. I see John W. Cram in 22-12N-11E but no address.



D&J signed division with Newfield S20 15N 7W January 2015. John W Cram, my father died 1988. He ran land dept OKC for Conoco. Purchased small mineral interests over OK around 1970 and when he died, my sister and I incorporated those minerals into S corp, D&J minerals. We found some other interest later and those were separate, Like the Kingfisher interests. Didn’t know he had any in 22-12N-11E and and we had 17-16N-7W under his name. We have never heard from Newfield concerning a well S17 16N 7W. How do I clear this up? John Cram. D&J



I don’t see his name attached to the 17-16N-7W, but it might be. Contact Newfield. Small world. My grandfather ran the credit union for Conoco and my dad was a geologist for them for 35 years. I interned with them for a couple of summers.



Small world. Will contact Newfield. Thx for the help.