Kingfisher mineral values

Looking for estimates of mineral values should I decide to monetize some mineral acreage in 14-16N-7W. HBP 1/8

It really just depends on what someone is willing to pay. I don’t see any new proposals for your section at the moment and i believe the last well was drilled by Payrock back in October of 2015 (which was then sold to Marathon Oil in August of 2016).

In Kingfisher, one must always consider the possibility of future drilling in the same reservoir or additional ones. There have been 15 Increased Density cases in that township in the last 999 days.

We have 13.33 mineral acres in 5-18N-7W and received an unsolicited offer of $1250/ac for a 1/8 royalty. Is that in the right ballpark? It is low compared to previous offers.

Is that to purchase or lease?

That is too low for 1/8th. Wait for a pooling & prices should be higher.

Chesapeake has horizontal well pending. Wait for pooling if a lease. Or if this is a buy, you might consider whether you want to sell or not. The well is supposed to be a multi-unit with section 8. Section 8 was pooled a year ago for #2900 1/8, $2700 3/16, $2500 1/5 and $0 1/4.