Kingfisher County, Okla

I was wondering what is the going price is for an oil and gas lease in the Kingfisher County, Okla. area

That would vary quite a bit depending on area. Provide a Section, Township, and Range and you will be able to get a better idea. At least a Township and Range.

NW/4 22-16N-05W

I do not know for sure in 16N-5W. I did a nine section search around your section and the names that came up buying leases were Tex-Star, Husky Ventures, Clyde D. Morgan, and Payne Exploration Co. I don't know anything about any of those companies.

I have a friend that bough several leases in 16N-04W last year. He was paying around $500. That really can vary a lot though, even within a Township.