Kingfisher county NE/4 Section 2-17N-5W price per mineral acre?


I am new to ALL of this and am wanting to learn about how all this works.



If you are new, slow down! You have two fairly new horizontal wells that are about to start paying you and wouldn’t you rather get paid? If you just inherited, then you need to contact Oklahoma Energy Acquisitions and see what you need to do to get into pay status. Room for several more wells in the section.

What exactly do you want to find out? Just because you get an offer, does not mean it is a good offer.



Nicole: Before anyone can give you an “idea” of what minerals are selling for, it is important to know what royalty percentage the minerals you are requesting information on are subject to. IE, 1/8th, 3/16ths, 1/5th, 1/4th, etc.

Todd M. Baker



Thank you for this helpful information! I actually sent you a message last Wed. via FaceBook with more detailed information of my situation. I have a lot to find out and learn. Three sisters (my mom is one of them) inherited 56.18 mineral acres each - two of them sold a few months ago. I am handling my moms affairs now, so I want to make sure I know everything before making any kind of decision. I have an email from the buyer who handled the transactions of the other two sisters, but would prefer to send it privately. I’m just not sure why they sold and can’t ask due to personal family issues.



Thank you Todd for your response…I was curious as to how the figure 9,100.00/acre came in to play and and emailed the buyer and this is his reply: “the offer of $9,100/acre for an interest leased or held by production on a 3/16th royalty was his calculations according to his risk ceiling.”



Your offer is probably from Liberty Minerals out of Ardmore. Your Aunts sold because they wanted or needed the money & didn’t care to research what the minerals might or might not be worth.

As Mrs. Barnes has stated, there are some new wells in your section. You will be getting paid on those shortly, so you might want to wait until you mother gets revenue checks on those before you decide what to do.

Toidd M. Baker



FYI - I have received a number of offers from Liberty but haven’t done business with them but I have been advised by others they he tends to make low offers BUT I’m told that he is reliable when it comes to payment.

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