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Has there been any leasing activity in Kimball county in last few months?


My father, who has oil rights in Kimball County, has just been contacted and will soon receive an offer for a lease to drill. I have no specifics as yet. I see that some $200 - $300 per acre offers were given in Kimball County in late 2010.


We were contacted about my mom's mineral rights just before Thanksgiving, by a fellow who seemed to think there was some urgency and lots of activity expected. We talked again about a week later, but haven't heard from him since. Maybe now that the holidays are over, activity will pick up? Or maybe that fellow was just entertaining himself by making calls . . .


Thanks for the intel. I was contacted by company wanting to do siesmegraph (sp?) work on my land but I hadn't leased all the mineral rights yet. I asked to talk to the company they where working for. Now I'm playing phone tag with the landman in regaurd to a potential lease so we'll see what happens. I was able to lease a little bit back in July for about 200 an acre...I'll keep you posted.


Dad just receive an offer $10/acre for 2 years with their option to extend to 7 years and again for another 3 years at a bit more per acre.


David, I have an offer on the table for quite a bit more per acre than that, but I understand that certain parts of Kimbal county definitally have higher lease values than other parts, these are in T16 R57. I also know that the number of mineral acre's you have can affect the price. I haven't signed anything yet but the offer has been made. However it would be a 5yr lease with a 5yr option.



Thanks for the response. Dad's rights are in T12N ,R56W that is right on the Nebraska, Colorado boarder I believe it is about 2 or 3 miles west of Hwy 71. Any idea of values there?


I'm not familar with reasonable lease rates down there, I would think that closer to Colorado would be better because of the sucessfull wells they have hit down that direction, but the shale play may not reach that far into NE near the boarder. In WY by cheyenne they have leased as high $1000 an acre or more during the boom in 2010.


I own a small mineral interest in the S/2 of Sec. 22-13N-54W, Kimball Co., NE. I have been offered $15/acre for a 5 year lease, with a 5 year option at $15/acre, and a 1/8th royalty. The contract landman is of the opinion that his is a J sands prospect, but the company website is hinting that they may also be looking at it as a horizontal shale play. Any thoughts?


Can any one connect us to a land man who is making offers? We inherited a small interest formally a Texeco Interest, but played out in 1998. I have a

tollfree number 1.888.700.0513. Do not know too much about it except it would be hard to find the heirs, myself without this forum. I really appreciate this forum and any info.


We’ve just received a “Geophysical Permit and Exploration Easement Permit Agreement” from the company that holds our lease. Anyone know what this involves?


We just recently received an offer to lease minerals in 13N, 55W. Initial offer was at $10/acre for a 5 yr lease plus a 5 yr option.


We just received an offer for 12N, 56W of $25/acre for 5yr. and 5 yr. option. This is after not signing the first offer of $10/acre for two years with extensions at not much more.

I have a question about SHUT-IN WELLS. The agreement says if they find a well capable of producing gas or oil, they can, at their sole discretion, cap it and pay us $1 per year per acre with the option of reducing the number of acres they lease. Can they tie up the well and reduce the lease to 1 acre and pay us $1/year?


I just received an offer to lease my 160acres SE of Kimball, NB (T14R54) for $35/NMR for 5 years +5 years from an outfit in Texas. I may be sharing too much, but it's from Tascosa Land Resources for a Nadel and Gussman Permian, LLC. Any thoughts/comments from you few fellow Kimball County people??


I just received an offer to lease 3.3846 of our approximately 10 acres in T13N, R55W, 6th P.M. How can I find out what the "going lease rate" is in this area, and what kind of oil & gas activity is going on currently?


to Mary Pat Bolner: as mentioned below, last year I got $35/acre for my 160 acres which are about 10-15 miles NorthEast of you... but that's just for the mineral rights. I'm guessing that you're leasing surface acres for an operation? Which would explain why they're only interested in 3 of your 10 acres. If so, I would suggest a short visit to a local land lawyer. He/she would not only know what rates should be fair, but also make sure you get adaquate increases over time and are protected when they vacate.


I was looking in old inheritance files and came across a very small interest in Kimball, Nebraska. It is descirbed as Section 22, Township 13 North, Range 55 West. Also described as the "Enders Field Unit" from a division order in 1996.

Is anyone aware of activity in or around this description? Do mineral interests in Nebraska revert back to the surface owner or do they remain severed?



How is the best way to see if there is production in certain areas of Kimball County, Nebraska?

Specifically the following:

1) SW/4 of Section 11, Township 13 North, Range 55 West of the 6th P.M.

2) All of Section 22, Township 13 North Range 55 West of the 6th P.M.

3) South Half (S/2) of Section 14, Township 13 North, Range 55 West of the 6th P.M.

4) E/2 of SW/4 and SE/4 of Section 14, T13N, R55W

is there a state governing body that has a website that shows these lands and who is operating?

Looks like only 22 members on the county website so any thoughts are greatly appreciated.


I would start with the state of Neb. website -