Keystone x/l pipeline

Does anyone have any comments on the effect the Keystone X/L will have on the property and mineral owners in central and western Texas? My thoughts: Since the heavy oil sands

will be processed on the Gulf in southeast Texas, won't that take refining capacity away from

the Eagle Ford, Permian and Bakken fields? I understand that a large problem for the three

mentioned areas is the take-away process as is seen in the Marcellus shale area of Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia. The X/L will not help these areas but will take away from their processing capacity at the refinery. Maybe I am confusing one type of refining with another.

If there is no current refinery for the oil-sands, how long will it take to build one? If the current refineries can be converted to processing oil-sands then this will take away from refining current shipments and add to the backlog at the well sites.

Can someone with more knowledge than me on this matter weigh in?


w r gordon

I can give you some comments, as far as refining it here, IDK. Yeah we are storing it here in Texas and Shipping out, and boy does it smell real gooood. Lol, I do work in places like that...