Kern county

we have about 160 acres land in kern county I just wonder whats going on in that county please let me know thanks Ron

Hey Ron. I am in the same boat, with 298 acres mineral rights... We need Brown out 1st I think

Ron (and Wes), I did not originally see this post but there is a bit of activity starting here again with the oil prices having been stabilized at $60/bbl for awhile now. No major massive drilling projects as far as I am aware, but some of the producers are putting their drilling projects back on calendar and budgeted them for this year. Of course, it depends upon where the minerals are located since the undeveloped unproven reserves are typically the last to be explored. Hope this helps!

Jean, How are you? WTI / Brent are lookin good. How’s the market for leasing -Wes

Hey Wes. Doing good. Very busy but not a ton on leasing. The oil companies that took leases during the boom mostly kept them during this time. They are renewing, however, but I'm not yet seeing slew of new leasing activity. Several deals going, though, so there's definitely activity.

I’m new here, my family has mineral rights not currently being leased, 3000 acres in Fresno county, and over 300 acres in Kern County. What’s the best way to get educated in all of this? Also should I be reaching out to leasing companies? Is there a way to find agents? Should I act as my own agent? Thanks in advance!