Kern County lease per acre amount

J I’m just wondering what folks are getting this year per acre for a oil and gas lease. Kern county. Thank you

The geology changes across the county. You would have to give a more specific legal location to get a better answer.

Rio Viejas and San Emilio Nose area of Kern. Thank you

Rio Viejas pool kern county. Got 85 a acre Now they say 50

Hi Shane, $50 is probably about right. Your $85 offer may have been before the bust at the end of 2014, beginning of 2015. Many leases are offered at $25 - $35 now, but that area and the acreage is likely driving it up. Or if it’s a renewal, they are trying to reduce it without pushing it too low. Good luck!

Hi Jean

I have posted a few times in Kern County. My grandmother has since passed. My Mom is an only daughter. They both owned the land together before the sell of it. I remember her going to sign papers for the leases. When Great Grandma passed, My Aunt Helen did a distribution of trust for the mineral rights to her four daughters. I am wondering what we should do. We are trying to avoid any probate, as my Great Grandparents and Grams estates are pretty gone. Caring for their Alzheimer’s costs the family a lot. We would love to lease them, but I know that is really not worth it. We are struggling financially, but as I always hoped we could put them in the care of my niece and nephews care when they reach age.

I would appreciate any feedback from you! The coordinates are listed in my posts.

Thank you so much Dustyn