Kern County, California

To all- If my Warranty Deed to my land (1.5 acres/Taft, California) does not mention anything about Minerial Rights, how do I verify I own minerial rights to my land? I have good reason to believe I own the minerial rights because I was recently sent a letter by a landman out of Bakersfield, CA and the letter noted I was the Minerial right Holder. Since then I have given the Landman the ok to conduct some Vibration/shot testing across my land, but just in case the exploration amounts to something, I would like to be prepared with documentation in my hands that proves I indeed own the mineral right. As a side note, I have conducted a title search on my land and nothing is mentioned about rights being held or transferred.

Any input would be appreciated.

Mark S.

Central California


If you checked title all the way back to the USA patent to the original homesteader, and none of the earlier deeds state that minerals were reserved by the seller (including the USA), then you own them.