Kern County, California / Taft - Maricopa Areas

I joined this forum in hopes there might be other land owners in the Kern County, California (South Taft-Maricopa areas) that have been contacted within the last two years regarding mineral exploration of their land in this area. A company called Mavrick Petroleum, Inc. (MPI) has a recent interest in this area. A letter from them stated they are representing two major oil companies (Occidental & Aera Energy) that have been drilling in this area for years and they are now expanding their explorations in the area. For years this area has been active with Oil and Natural gas drilling and now for some reason this section of land has become of interest to them.

Maverick is a reputable brokerage firm who works for several clients, including my firm. I don’t work the Central Valley any longer, but Gary Plotner, the principal of the firm, has been in the business for years, is a member of the AAPL, and is a former Regional Director. Of course, Maverick has a job to do and represents its client first, but Gary is a “straight-shooter” and hires good people to work for him.

I have two offers from MP as well, I think they are a broker. the lease is long and is not in the mineral right ownes interest, but always continue negotiation, they may offer more, the oil companies may show up and start making offers. The oil companies have there own landpersons. Take your time. I would use a attorney befor signing anything.