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anybody seeing new leasing and incresed activity in southern kent county yet?

How can I find statuus of any operations concerning O&G lease covering NE/4, Sect.94, Block 3, H&GN RR County Survey. Kent County, TX signed in Feb. 2008

What shale formation is in Kent County? Have seen a lot of activity in the northern part of the county and of course the western part containing the Salt Creek Field Unit which used to be owned by Exxon/Mobil… Wondering about activity in or around the Jayton area…


I see that Hadaway has permitted a 7400 foot horizontal well on the Johnson 33 lease. It is in section 33 blk 5 H &GN Kent County.

I also have seen that Devon Energy has permitted a 7850 foot horizontal well on the Clairmont M lease. It is in section 4 & 5 of blk 98 H & TC survey Kent County.

Anyone know anything about these two wells?


If these two wells are good one's Kent County leasing should really heat up.

The well on the Johnson 33 lease has been completed. They are still working on the tank battery and other parts and pieces so I guess they think it is worth producing. Assuming a good result they have said that they are planning at least 3 more wells in that area.

As of April 27, 2012 my family and I leased our mineral rights in Kent County to Eastern Shelf Land Co. We were to get 10% right away and full payment in 90 days. We didn't get our 10% until Sept. and are still waiting for the rest of the money. Does anyone have information on this company? Also, are wells coming in in Kent County and do you know of other companies buying?

Try the search feature in the upper right corner. I do recall other posts about Eastern Shelf.

Thanks, Wade, I'd really like to know if this is going to pan out. The landman keeps offering to let us out of our lease. Maybe, we should take him up on it.

If they have not performed, you should be out of your lease, if it is worded properly.

For everyone in these discussions....

Do NOT do business with Ferrell Oil out of Oklahoma City. We had an offer to purchase minerals in Grady County, 11-03-06. Jim Meyer with Ferrell said he represents a college endowment fund and wanted to purchase our property for the school. We negotiated a purchase contract with them and was asked to fax it to them with our signature so they could show it to the school to get funding to close the purchase. He said it would take 30 days to do a title opinion. They, however, never did sign the contract and return it to us.

As it turns out, they are a broker and do not purchase property for their clientele rather than look for a buyer once you agree to sell to Ferrell Oil. They will want to issue you a 30 day bank draft and if they can't find a buyer for your property in those 30 days, they just don't pay the draft. We negotiated to be paid by ACH/Wire Transfer.

We will find another buyer but DO NOT do business with Ferrell Oil out of Oklahoma City unless you want to sit around, be lied to and then never get the deal closed.

Also be wary of them doing business under another name.

I recently received an offer to lease some minerals in Section 13, Block L (about 4 miles northwest of Jayton). Looking for info on what the going rate is in this area. Initial offer is rather low, $100/acre and 3/16.

In negotiations the landman tells me that there is not a person in the entire county getting $300/acre bonus for their minerals. Is that right?

Devon drilled a well in Kent, about 5 miles south of Clairmont. Anyone know anything about that one?

Still negotiating on Section 13, Block L (A-220) Anyone have any info on going rates. I've brought them up a little but essentially working in the dark.

Received an offer to lease minerals in Sec 80 Blk 1 H&GN RR Survey. Looking for info on going rates. Initial offer is $75/3 yr paid up and 1/6. Any help appreciated.

New to Group. Just received offer to lease about 1.5 miles NW of Girard, outside the limits of the Long-Hall (Tannehill) Field. Anybody know about bonus & royalty rates nearby? Any new activity in the area?

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