Kem Ranch wells royalty

Just wondering. Would anyone have a clue why Marathon has paid royalty three times on the Kem Ranch wells over the same period of time, from June through October 2022. Our last two revenue statements show approximately 53% royalty from that period. Thanks, not complaining.

Check the dates of production on the checks and also check and see if there are different property numbers. They may be paying for different working interest owners that took payments in kind and then paid Marathon that share. I am noticing the same thing. Not spending the money just yet in case they made a mistake and want some of it back. They did that to me with #1 KEM and I didn’t get checks for a few years until they recovered their mistake. I will not be signing division orders on those new ones based upon the recent NARO webinar regarding DOs.

Martha, do you have a link where I could view that webinar on DOs?

The main NARO website is If you are a member, then go to the members tab and to Webinars.

If you are not a member, then call the office and find out how to watch it. It is $25, but that can go toward a membership.

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