Kem Ranch Wells in Ok

Does anyone know why the Kem Ranch Wells in Grady County, Ok. stopped production? I was told in late November that it was due to transportation issues. Just wondered if there was more information. Thank you

What is the legal location of the wells in question?

Thank you; its 24-04N-06W

Looks like the 2, 5 and 6 were producing in August and September 2022.

Just got an email from EnergyLink for Marathon statement. Shows payment for November nat gas sales. Production numbers are lower than previous months, but that could be the natural production decline. Not sure.

Also, getting paid for additional production from previous months. So for me the Marathon check amount is more than twice as much as the previous month.

I wonder if it is a marketing problem??

December oil is listed, November gas is listed with the usual delay of a month.

Thank you- right after I posted, it popped up on Energylink and it’s double $ from what I received last month. Thanks again!

Some companies pay a first payment just in time so they don’t owe interest. They estimate the royalties to not get caught in a bind. When the drilling order title opinion actually comes in, they will adjust the payments to make the totals add up to 100% of the ownership.

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