Kem Ranch Well

Does anyone know if Kem Ranch 24, 4n,6w is now producing? I’ve heard it’s shutdown. This is in regards to the 5 new wells drilled. Grady County.

@Robbie_Johnson All active in June. Early production numbers on OTC Pun Search site. Kind of surprising to see them already.

Don’t be surprised if the June Production numbers are low. The wells came on at the very end of the month. July and August will be more informative as they will have full production for a whole month.

I visited the OK Tax Commission site to see what was going on. When I looked at production history for well #6-24-25XH, I discovered most of the production was reported by a company called Southwest Energy LP. Will this affect my Marathon royalty owner participation? Thanks!

No. SW is a purchaser of the oil. They pay Marathon who then pays you.

Thanks for the clarification, much appreciated.

From Don_Bray-KEM RANCH WELLS… received email from Energylink that electronic deposit coming November 25… Four months of production on first check.

Definitely worth the wait :partying_face:

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