Kelly 26-1-4 Stephens County Section 26 1N 4W Proposal by CHK

Does anyone know anything about this one?

I got an offer to lease. It looks like a last chance to get me to sign a lease before it is pooled.

$350 1/8th 250 3/16 th and a Paritcipate option.

Does this mean there is a chance it will pool for a higher interest?

Rick, You may already know this but CHK has a couple of wells in that section from 10 or more years ago. I didn't see anything in the OCC database on any recent activity. They have a pooling application pending for 23-1N/4W, you might want to wait and see how much that one pools for. I can't help but think that if they do force pool you would get more than $350/ac. Depends on if you want a bird in the hand or wait and see. As you know I'm in 17-2N/4W and we leased for $1000/ac. Next door in sec 16 Newfield force pooled for $1700 3/16. Chesapeake has been getting some bad press lately, so beware.


Yes, We have very small interest in a Horizontal there now that CHK is the producer on. I guess this one must be at a different depth.

Great info on the 16 newfield. I think I have 2-3 other areas within a few miles that may be force pooled on. Nearby as well 1S-3W (Carter co)

I see what you are talking about bad press. Here is a Blomberg artical about CHK.

Is there anyway to get a list of operators in Stephens County? By the way, you might get the info about the map in Stephens County Courthouse by calling them. They should be able to tell you who provided it. The map is in the documents office.

Brock, I don't know if there is a ready made list of operators. You can go to the OCC website and browse through the databases to see whos active there. The main ones that come to mind are Continental Resources, Newfield Exp., Marathon and Chesapeake.


What formation does it say they're going after in the well proposal? Are they doing a horizontal Woodford?


Here are some that are currently operating in Stephens

American Petroleum Corp
Chesapeake Operating Inc
Chevron USA
EnerWest Trading Co
Kaiser-Francis Oil Co
LE Jones Operating
M-B Operating
Merit Energy
Pacer Energy Marketing
Pride Energy Company
Reid Williams Operating Inc
Williford Petroleum

A couple may be oil buyers paying on behalf of the producer however

I'll take a look at that map the next time I'm in Duncan. Thanks


It is a horizontal Woodford in the east 1/2 of 26-1N-4W




I received another offer yesterday for the Woodford in 16-1S-3W (Carter Co). The pooling filing shows both Woodford and Hunton formations.

I've also got 640 acre spacing orders for 6-1S-3W (Carter Co) showing the Woodford, Sycamore, and Hunton formations.