Kay county 23-25n-1w Vali 1-23 & 23-1 wells

I’ve been looking at the OCC website for information on the Vali 1-23 and Vali 23-1

I’ve found permits to drill and surveys but I can’t find anything on the monthly production. There was an initial completion report but that’s it. Why is the OCC lacking in up to date records. Is there a better place go find production information or am I just not looking in the right place? The Vali 1-23 has been producing for months.

Production for Vali 1-23S:

10/2012 3,325 BO

11/2012 3,814 BO

12/2012 2,951 BO

01/2013 2,777 BO (last reported)

Thank you April. If you have the time, would you explain where and how you found this ?

Thanks again!

I am a geologist and subscribe to a data service that makes it easier to look things up. One thing I noticed that might be throwing you -- the location for the Vali 1-23S is actually listed in section 14 because that's where the surface location is.