Kathleen Leveroni

Dear Members,

It is with great sadness that I am writing to say that Kathleen Leveroni, one of our more beloved members of The Mineral Rights Forum, has passed away. After battling a very aggressive form of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS or Lou Gehrig’s Disease) for many months, Kathleen passed away on July 7, 2019 in Leadore, Idaho, surrounded by her husband, Carl, family and friends.

Kathleen’s sister, Lora Mannie, and Kathleen’s cousin, Nancy Caldwell (who is also a member of The Forum) wrote me about Kathleen’s passing a few weeks ago.

Lora recently sent me the attached copy of Kathleen’s Obituary, writing that they held a Celebration of Life for Kathleen on Friday, August 23rd in Chico, California, where she and her husband Carl lived, and that they were overwhelmed by the number of people who attended, with more than 250 coming in from all over California, Nevada, Oregon, and Idaho.

Kathleen was an incredibly dynamic and sensitive woman, who’s smile filled the room wherever she went. She will be missed by many, of which I am one.


Thank you Charles for posting this. You were a great friend and inspiration to my cousin Kathy. She was beautiful both inside and out!!! I was with her the week in Idaho (where she and her husband, Carl loved to be) before her passing. I will miss her greatly. She NEVER complained about her condition EVER!!! She had dignity in her life up to the end. If I could be half of the person she was, I would be a GREAT person. She laughed alot, and humbled me in her response to her terminal illness. She will certainly be missed!!!

Thank you Charles for that beautiful note about my sister, Kathleen Leveroni. I know she was very involved with this site and the information she was able to obtain from it. The ALS took her voice very early on so she was able to ‘speak’ using sites like this and this one was a favorite. She made many friends and you were certainly among them. I miss her so much, as does my cousin, Nancy Caldwell, and many, many others. Thanks to all who shared with her. Lora Mannie