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Surface only. I am looking for 10 acres, with a 10 year land lease, preferably with water and sewer, out of city limits, around Karnes City or Kenedy. (close to rigs) Surface only. Monthly income with no liabilities.

If you have or know someone with property let me know.

search for abstract map of Karnes County, Texas with A-323 and A-379

Why is a co-mingling permit the same for some adjoining wells? Does that have to do with the disposition of the oil/gas after it's brought up?

Just wondering. I see that the co-mingling permit # is the same of four wells in the same area.


Will someone with prior experience dealing with Burlington Resources in Karnes County, tell how long it takes from when rig comes down till fracking completed?

Kenneth, there is no prescribed time period........There are wells in the Eagle Ford that have gone 6+month without being completed. With that said, it is not in the company's best interest to take that long. From my experience, the average well is completed within 4-8 weeks of drilling being completed.

Ms. Getting, I believe the oil has to have the same chemical makeup and equal value before comingling is permitted. If your oils' make-up makes it worth $2 per barrel more than the oil from your closest neighbors well, you would lose money if they comingled the oil. There must be a savings to comingling if you have 4 wells close together producing the same quality of oil, sharing tanks and pipelines. Probably the permit numbers are the same because they intend to comingle the oil from those 4 wells. That's my best guess based on what I have heard and logic.

Thanks, R.W., that is pretty much what I eventually came to think. I got a little confused as the Well permit is on "pooled" land and I think I was confusing "pooled" with "co-mingled". I appreciate your answer.

Thanks Mr. Dukes for info.

When there is a well on an oil lease with a API and a lease name, how then is a 2nd well tracked. I know that the lease name stays the same, however, is the API different and or the permit?

Just thinking ahead because I know they plan on more wells on the lease that I own mineral rights on. Anyone know?

Yes, each well has a different API # and a separate permit

Ms. Getting, my guess is that the 4 wells are the ones that will co-mingle after extraction. That would mean the measurement has to be prior to the co-mingling and the grade would have to be the same.

Anybody know what lease bonuses are going for in Kenedy?

Please let me know if you have any suggested additions to my list of online resources for mineral owners.


I have 34 acres in Kenedy for lease, anyone know of companies still leasing?

Hi, Can any one tell me if there is any well activity on CR 136 in Kenedy? Thank you. Have a great day!

Re: CR 136 area

Assuming this is SE of Kenedy out near Choate. Really quiet - one Wilcox permit about 2-3 miles east of that area. Too far south for Eagle Ford play - drilling here will be focused on Wilcox gas targets

I posted a new blog article that you all may want to refer newbies to who post "what do I do now" type questions. See,