Kansas Property Tax

It’s that time of year again. Some of you may be received your tax bills in the mail. It’s a good time to review this topic.

In Kansas producing interests and severed interests are subjected to property tax. However, severed mineral tax is currently on a county-by-county administration. Some counties tax severed interests, some do not. Sometimes severed interests are combined into a single tax bill to one family member. You want to make sure you are aware if your county collects for severed minerals.

For producing interests, the values will change each year, depending on commodity price and production levels. Very small interests are often times exempt from property tax. You’ll want to check with your county to be sure they have your ownership on file, including a correct mailing address.

A good number of Kansas counties have a “tax search” online that you can verify tax information. However, these often do not display exempt accounts.

Some counties mail tax bills in mid November, and some are just now getting notices mailed. Most taxes can be paid in two payments. Smaller payments are usually only a single payment. The first of the two payments is due December 20th.

The deadline remains the same regardless of when or if it arrives to you.

If you had a change of ownership in the past year or two it is possible the county still has the ownership reflected in the name of the previous owner. So be sure to check every well / lease you own against the tax bills you received.

Some counties allow tax bills to be paid online through a State of Kansas tax portal. This is convenient - but it does include some additional fees.

If you submit your payment by check / mail, you can ask for a receipt in writing or by email. I find most counties prefer email receipts as it is cheaper. For counties with online tax info, you can verify your payments were applied by visiting their website.

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