Kansas Drilling, Permitting, Completion, and Plugging Updates

Kansas Oil & Gas Updates

E/W (East is East of Wichita, West is West of Wichita)

Weekly Report 3/25/2019 Active Drilling Rigs 30 (4 East 26 West) New Well Permits 13 (5 East 8 West KGS--Oil and Gas Wells--No data found New Well Completions 30 (4 East 26 West) Monthly Plugging Permits: 78 KGS--Oil and Gas Wells--No data found

Kansas 2018 O&G Production figures are in. Crude production dropped to the lowest level since 2005, 34.7 million barrels. Ellis County remains the top county for crude production with 2.6 million barrels. In Southeast Kansas, Woodson County took the top spot with over 500k barrels, followed by Greenwood with 355k. Allen had 239k, Wilson 96k, Neosho 30k.

Natural Gas production also dropped to the lowest level in 18 years, and quite likely much longer, 27,200,639mcf. Stevens County leads the state in Gas production. In Southeast Kansas, Neosho County edged over Wilson County with 5,755,673 mcf.

2019 Plugging Records YTD Total 425Oil 210 Gas 46 D&A 63 EOR 34 CBM 29 O&G 19 SWD 16 Other 8 Top Counties Chautauqua 58 Rooks 19 Bourbon 17 Labette 16 Barber 14 Ellis 14 Ness 13 Barton 12 Pratt 12 Neosho 11 Edwards 10

Kansas O&G Update for the week of 5/22/19: Active Drilling Rigs 27 (1E 26W) New Wells Permitted 21 (5E 16W) 339 YTD New Wells Completed 29 (2E 27W) 591 YTD

You interested in anything up in KS Kitchen?

I am very interested in KS minerals. Please send me a private message. Thanks!

Kansas O&G Update for the week of 5/29: Active Drilling Rigs 26 (3E 23W) New Well Permits 19 (9E 10W) New Well Completions 46 (30E 16W)

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Kansas O&G Update 37 Active Rigs (11E 26W) 46 New Well Permits (24E 22W) 27 New Wells Completed (13E 14W -7Dry) Kansas Common Crude $43.00 NYMEX Nov Gas $2.30 Better weather and fall harvest means drilling is ramping up in the heartland. Corn harvest is underway as crops dry out in Southeast Kansas. Two weeks ago we had 8" of rain.

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What are the value of minerals in Sheridan County Kansas

Terri2020 - Sorry I don’t have that kind of information for you. It really depends on if it is producing or not, leased or not, a good prospect, etc.

Kansas O&G Update 31 Active Rigs (7E 24W) 41 New Wells Permitted (19E 22W) 28 New Wells Completed (7E 21W) Oct Colorado Int Gas $1.79 KS Common Crude $43.50

August Wells Plugged

September Wells Plugged

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Kansas O&G Update

29 Active Drilling Rigs (5E 24W)

42 New Wells Permitted (19E 23W)

44 New Well Completions (14E 30W-6 Dry 1 WSW)

159 Wells Plugged in October

157 New Wells Permitted in October

KS Common Crude $46.75

Midcontinent Avg Gas $2.00 MMBtu