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I have a menerial interest in 58.5280 in land on the waters of elkhorn McCellan district, map 29 parcel 19 , My question is how do I find out if any drilling or anything has been done here?. we signed on sept 10th 2014 with Mutschelknaus. we also have some interest on big elk but cant fint my deed for that one right now lol... any help wold be great

Hi Dale,

Here is a great resource for status:


When I dealt with Antero, they gave me a call about 2/3 weeks before they started drilling- just to let me know. Send me an email and I can give you some more info.


Jerry Yaremko

Some links that might help:

WV Office of Oil and Gas interactive map If you go here and know where your property is, you can zoom in and find it. I have found a well that is probably close whose API number you can use to get near the area: 017-05652

You can go here to search the downloads from the Office of Oil and Gas where you might be able to find well information and plats for wells (the one I listed is there )

WV Office of Oil and Gas well search

You can go there and put in Doddridge for the county and Mutschelknaus for the operator and a date after your signing date and see if there are any wells or this WV OOG Permits to search for permits [I posted this just after Jerry Yaremko posted his above information! ]

You can go here and look up Doddridge deeds, leases, etc. This includes the more recent things, as well as some older records.

Ask again if you want some more help. A lot of people on this site have a lot of good information.

Traditionally, Mutschelknaus does not produce the parcels he leases, but turns around and sells the leasing rights to one of the other bigger outfits.

If you have your tax bill, it will have the Tax ID number and you can call the Doddridge County Assessor's Office, they will be able to give you some insight as to if any production has been reported on that parcel. I would suggest you wait until after March 1, the 2015 production reports are not required to be filed, until then.