Just noticed only 4 of 6 wells showing up on my statements

Apache drilled six wells on our family property in 2018 and early 2019. All were producing at one time. Would review the statements routinely. Kind of got out of the habit of looking a little harder. Noticed on my last two statements from Apache that only 4 wells are producing. Went back to October and saw where 5 was producing. Have not gone back to find where the sixth well dropped off. Does this indicate the wells are shuttered or simply not producing enough to report or something else. Wells are a couple of miles southwest of Toyah.

Which section? I can take a look. Usually it just means the wells are shut in for various reasons.

You should to to RRC website and review the monthly production and disposition volumes under Production Reports Quesry for each well under its RRC lease number. You can also go to Wellbore Query, using RRC lease number or API number, and access scanned records for each well. On the Texas Comptroller CONG site, you can access the monthly reported sales revenues for each well under its RRC lease number or use the permit number.

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Section 31, block 71and east half of section 32 block 71. Our wells are in the Ashe and Birch units. I know we saw 0 valuations on some wells this year from RCAD.

I hate to ask - I know I have done this stuff in the past. But where do I find my RRC lease number. I am guessing it is not the identifier on my statements from Apache like 01826501 or 01826501 00031744 00002

Apache Statements usually won’t show the lease number or API. They do often show the lease name (Birch Unit, Ash Unit) and the well number… Your lease numbers appear to be: Well 401AH Ash 287029 Well 102BH Ash 286822 Well 101AH Ash 286857 Well 101BH Birch 284886 Well 102BH Birch 285010 Well 103BH Birch 285681

If you can find your wells on the RRC map, you’ll be able to see their lease numbers.

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Thanks. They all show Active-ext api/lease no/well 38937446/287029/Ash 401AH 38936669/286822/Ash Unit 102BH 38936234/286857/Ash Unit 101AH 38936084/284886/Birch Unit 101BH 38936554/285010/Birch Unit 102AH 38936555/285681/Birch Unit 103BH

A couple of the Ash units look like they’ve been not producing for a few months. 101AH and 102BH. You can often check the production by clicking on the well and then Production Query in the pop-up. Or you can exit and run one of the previously mentioned queries by lease.

The Ash Unit 102BH and Ash Unit 101AH both look like they’re having well or reservoir issues. The 101AH in Jan 2020 and the 102BH in Sept 2019. There is no production reported after July 2020 for either well, meaning they are not producing (rather than under a threshold of some sort).

PeteR and Tracy your responses are both appreciated. If a well is having issues, I guess there is no motivation in our current environment to expend any resources resolving. But they are plugged or shuttered, so they can still be brought back to life if needed, correct?

Whether there is motivation depends on the issue. Workovers can have some of the best economic return (spend $40,000 to get a $1,000,000 well back online) but also requires there to be a fix. Broken pumps and holes in tubing are easy enough to replace, but if the reservoir loses pressure or starts watering out, that gets trickier. Gas prices last year were rough also, but they seem to be on the up and up, which will help.

Wells listed as “inactive” typically mean they don’t plan on bringing it back online tomorrow or anything, but any measures to secure the well (turning valves and such to not have more production spit up if the well builds pressure) are just temporary. TA (temporarily abandon) and P&A (plug and abandon) are different stories.

As a football analogy, the wells are one step beyond simply benched and now officially listed as inactive. But they’re not yet on injured reserve.

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Tracy, thanks or your explanation. I always seem to learn something when you are posting.

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Awe, thanks, @PeteR!

You mention inactive status - where do I find that. I only found operator status. Found production for one of the wells you listed and saw where it had quit producing - month to month- but haven’t figured out how I got there. EDIT - figured that out, my date range was resetting each time I was submitting. So looks like the ash wells are not doing much. It is displaying five wells - Ash 102bh and 101ah and Birch 101BH/102Ah/103bh.

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