Just learned of possible mineral ownership by my deceased mother

New here, hoping I can get some guidance. I received a request to purchase mineral rights that apparently belonged to my mother, which my sister and I did not know about, as they weren’t transferred into ownership by her living trust as her others were (those are located in Williams and Divide counties here in ND). I am looking for information about these rights and understand from the company offering to purchase, that our mother had entered into an oil and gas lease agreement with Continental Resources back in April 2008, leasing her mineral interest in the E/2 of Section 8, Township 25 North, Range 56 East, in the county of Richland, state of MT. Continental gave me information that they don’t have a lease with her, and don’t operate in that area. I have no idea, other than hiring a lawyer or a landman, how to research if our mother owned mineral rights in that exact area. I called Richland County Recorder office, and all I got there was “you need a lawyer”. I also got in touch with a company called White Rock Oil & Gas, LLC and they said they don’t have anything either for our Mom.

The offer may be based upon a casual title look. Ask for a copy of the lease or at least the book and page number where it was filed. Tell them that Continental said they do not operate in that area. See what they say. They may just fade away after that.

You might search on the Montana Bureau of Oil and gas. This shows the maps area, but back up to the main site and see what is available on their site. Call and ask if the Richland County has an online database for posted leases and deeds.

After my post, my mother’s lawyer found that they overlooked this area and it is owned by her trust. They have contacted an associate who is licensed in MT and he will be creating the distribution order for Richland County for this. Thanks for responding!

Excellent! So glad they were able to find it.

Your offsetting the Buckley 1-9H drilled by Continental Resources. This well unit includes all of Secs 4 & 9, Twp. 25N, Reg. 56E. and was completed 12/28/12. Five days of Dec 2012 shows 1,774 barrels of oil, 1,040 MCF & 1,358 Barrels of water. March 2020 shows 451 barrels, 256 MCF & 1,060 barrels of water. The well has since died and probably needs a re-work.

API 25-08322865, Permitted for 20,136 feet with a vertical of 10,136.

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